Vaccine myths

There is a cut-and-paste list of vaccine “facts” that has been doing the rounds for years. It tends to appear on any internet argument about vaccine safety, comments on news stories, even pages by actual doctors (eg Not, generally, medical doctors. When I first encountered this list I knew very little about vaccine safety, so … Continue reading

Dr Miriam Stoppard undermines breastfeeding

Dr Miriam Stoppard wrote a piece about breastfeeding in the Mirror this week. Much of it was bollocks. If you want to know why, read on. My comments follow each paragraph of her text (which is in italics). There’s no keener fan of ­breast-feeding than me. I always advocate breast milk as the perfect … Continue reading

So this is me

In order to avoid shouting at the TV, alienating my friends and generally annoying people on Facebook, I think I need a venting forum. Aka a blog. I may also talk about things I like, such as knitting, my family, babywearing, books, music and science. But mostly I expect I shall be shouting at people … Continue reading